Across Service concepts are ambitious, well calculated and forward-looking

Across Services aims to improve its clients' performance and competitiveness through providing competent advice on vision, strategy, planning, organization and effective management with special focus on dentistry field. For this all service providers have to undertake considerable efforts in order to keep up with the fast pace of market change. They ought to continuously examine their strategic position and establish a successful and future-safe marketing concept. As such services provider firm Across Service continuously develops plans, strategies/visions and incorporates them in its orbit of services. It does this, firstly, so that it can be a partner to its clients which delivers added value, and secondly, so that it is always able to deliver excellent services and innovative solutions. Across Service sees itself as the partner of change drivers, and it provokes forward-looking decisions. It develops visions and innovative strategies/plans, makes them transparent and implements them. The modern-day, dental related services providers specially, need innovative concepts based on the extensive know-how that Across Service can provide.

Across Service is:

  • One of most active firm in financial/material sponsoring for continued advance education in Dentistry field.
  • One of the most trustworthy distribution firms for the dental equipment/instrument manufacturing industry.
  • Consulting specialist happy to assume responsibility for support in the implementation of jointly developed concepts for improvement in the field of Dentistry.
  • Specialists in consultation, procurement, installation, post-installation services and maintenance of dental clinical and dental laboratory equipment.
  • Trust worthy partner for the provision of boarding and lodging facilities in Frankfurt/Maim, Germany.
  • The perfect partner for information technology related services